Our job : technology-watch services
Our expertise : plastics and composites

About us

Atoutveille is a French private company (SME status) which provides Technology Watching (*) services in the field of materials made of polymers, plastics or composites.

Atoutveille plays a key role in the process of innovation for companies which manufacture plastic and composite parts, or for companies which want to exploit potential of plastics and composites.

Atoutveille provides its customers (end-users, OEMs, moulders, converters, ...) with its technology-watch experience and its materials knowledge, either in terms of raw materials, than processes or market applications.

Atoutveille works for several industrial sectors including automotive, construction, electrical & electronic components, medical, packaging, shipbuilding, space & aeronautics, sports & leisure, toys & childcare, transportation, and wind turbine industry.

(*) As defined by the European Commission, Technology Watching is the organized, selective and ongoing way of collecting external information, analyze it and turn it into knowledge in order to anticipate to the changes and ensuring less risk decisions. (more information

Commercial services

The main services supplied by Atoutveille are the following :

          - PlastiWatch : Permanent watch services on the latest developments in terms of materials, processes, innovations, concepts or trends (in relation to a given application or a type of products) ;

          - PlastiSourcing : Seeking and selection of suppliers, subcontractors or technical partners according to particular specifications ;

          - PlastiResearch : In-depth and tailor-made analysis for a specific need : technical surveys, literature reviews, market analysis, prospective studies, benchmarkings or material selection.

R&D projects

Atoutveille was also involved in some European research and development (R&D) projects, partly funded by the European Seventh Framework Program (FP7) :

  • CompETe project (2013-2016) : implying 8 partners from 6 countries, this project developed an advanced non-invasive imaging tool for qualitative and quantitative inspection of composites used primarily but not only in aircraft applications. This novel system is using automated scanning via the use of a poly-articulated robotic arm equipped with sophisticated and innovative sensors operating in three infrared wavelengths (near, medium and long wave).

  • iREMO project (2009-2012) : implying 10 partners from 6 countries, this project developed intelligent process monitoring and control tools towards the composites manufacturing automation of industrial applications (automotive, construction, and boat-building) manufactured by RTM or infusion.

  • ComPair project (2008-2011) : implying 11 partners from 6 countries, this project developed and evaluated different techniques (ultrasonic guided waves, acoustic emission, pulsed thermopgraphy, near IR imaging) to non destructive assessment and monitoring of composite structures potentially used in surface transport applications.

  • In these projects, Atoutveille was mainly involved in the specifications workpackage (market analysis, benchmarking of the competitive technologies, SWOT analysis, ...), but also in the dissemination and exploitation workpackage (dissemination of results, organization of workshops, preparation of the PUDF / exploitation plan, animation of stands on specialized professional shows, etc.).

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